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Bagotsky, Vladimir S. - Fuel Cells: Problems and Solutions, ebook

Fuel Cells: Problems and Solutions

Bagotsky, Vladimir S.


The comprehensive, accessible introduction to fuel cells, their applications, and the challenges they pose
Fuel cells—electrochemical energy devices that produce electricity and heat—present a significant opportunity for cleaner, easier,

Garland, Nancy - Fuel Cells: Data, Facts, and Figures, ebook

Fuel Cells: Data, Facts, and Figures

Garland, Nancy


Edited by one of the leading scientists in this exciting area, the short, uniformly written chapters provide economic data for cost considerations and a full overview of demonstration data, covering such topics as fuel cells for

Gao, Fengge - Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Modeling, ebook

Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Modeling

Gao, Fengge


The fuel cell is a potential candidate for energy storage and conversion in our future energy mix. It is able to directly convert the chemical energy stored in fuel (e.g. hydrogen) into electricity, without undergoing different intermediary conversion

Pu, Hongting - Polymers for PEM Fuel Cells, ebook

Polymers for PEM Fuel Cells

Pu, Hongting


Including chemical, synthetic, and cross-disciplinary approaches; this book includes the necessary techniques and technologies to help readers better understand polymers for polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells. The methods in the book are

Cha, Suk-Won - Fuel Cell Fundamentals, ebook

Fuel Cell Fundamentals

Cha, Suk-Won


A complete, up-to-date, introductory guide to fuel cell technology and application
Fuel Cell Fundamentals provides a thorough introduction to the principles and practicalities behind fuel cell technology. Beginning with the underlying concepts,