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Sinha, Nirmal - Handbook of Fruits and Fruit Processing, ebook

Handbook of Fruits and Fruit Processing

Sinha, Nirmal


Fruits are botanically diverse, perishable, seasonal and predominantly regional in production. They come in many varieties, shapes and size, colors, flavors and textures and are an important part of a healthy diet and the global economy. Besides vitamins, minerals, fibers and other nutrients,

Crocker, Pat - Juicing and Smoothies For Dummies, ebook

Juicing and Smoothies For Dummies

Crocker, Pat


Lose weight and feel great with juicing and smoothies
For those of us who don't have time to cut up or cook fruits and vegetables with every meal, juices and smoothies are a fast and easy way to consume them at home or on the go. Packed with over

 - Micro-Organisms in Foods 6, ebook

Micro-Organisms in Foods 6


Soft drinks, fruit juices, concentrates, and fruit preserves
14. Water
15. Eggs and egg products
16. Milk and dairy products
17. Fermented beverages
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Boullata, Joseph I. - Handbook of Drug-Nutrient Interactions, ebook

Handbook of Drug-Nutrient Interactions

Boullata, Joseph I.


Grapefruit and Other Fruit Juices Interactions with Medicines
David G. Bailey
11. Positive Drug–Nutrient Interactions
Imad F. Btaiche, Burgunda V. Sweet, Michael D. Kraft
12. Interaction of Natural Products with