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Brown, John - Rab and His Friends, ebook

Rab and His Friends

Brown, John


In Brown’a story Rab and His Friends the narrator recalls a boyhood encounter with Rab. Rab, a faithful dog, causes the boy to make friends with his master, James Noble, a horsecart driver. Six years later, James brings his wife, Ailie, to the hospital

Colflesh, Linda - Making Friends: Training Your Dog Positively, ebook

Making Friends: Training Your Dog Positively

Colflesh, Linda


One of the first positive training books, Making Friends is a highly accessible guide to training your dog effectively and humanely. Respected dog obedience trainer Linda Colflesh shows you how to use positive reinforcement through gentle, easy-to-follow methods

Bart, Harm - Israel Gohberg and Friends, ebook

Israel Gohberg and Friends

Bart, Harm


Table of contents
Part I.Mathematical Tales and Philosophical-Mathematical Tales
1. Mathematical Tales
I. Gohberg
2. Philosophical-Mathematical Tales A Personal Account
I. Gohberg
3. Our Dad’s Mathematics
Zvia Faro-Gohberg,…

Dongen, M. R. C. van - LaTeX and Friends, ebook

LaTeX and Friends

Dongen, M. R. C. van


Table of contents
1. Introduction to LATEX
M. R. C. Dongen
2. Running Text
M. R. C. Dongen
3. Lists
M. R. C. Dongen
4. Presenting External Pictures
M. R. C. Dongen
5. Presenting Diagrams
M. R. C. Dongen
6. Presenting…

Fitzgerald, F. Scott - One of My Oldest Friends, ebook

One of My Oldest Friends

Fitzgerald, F. Scott


One of My Oldest Friends is a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, who is considered to be one of the best writers of the 20th century. Fitzgerald rose originally to prominence as the chronicler of the so-called Jazz Age. Fitzgerald’s most famous novels are The Great Gatsby and Tender

Caws, Mary Ann - Bloomsbury and France : Art and Friends, ebook

Bloomsbury and France : Art and Friends

Caws, Mary Ann


In Bloomsbury and France: Art and Friends, Mary Ann Caws and Sarah Bird Wright reveal the crucial importance of the Bloomsbury group's frequent sojourns to France, the artists and writers they met there, and the liberating effect of the country itself. Drawing upon

Dzidzienyo, Anani - Neither Enemies nor Friends, ebook

Neither Enemies nor Friends

Dzidzienyo, Anani


Table of contents
Part 1. Comparative Racialization in the Americas
1. Flows and Counterflows: Latinas/os, Blackness, and Racialization in Hemispheric Perspective
Suzanne Oboler, Anani Dzidzienyo
Part 2. The Politics of Racialization in…

Jones, Julie - Friends with Benefits: Through Tony's Eyes, ebook

Friends with Benefits: Through Tony's Eyes

Jones, Julie


Tony and Jack have been best friends for the past twenty-five years. Having shared a stage for most of their adult lives, they're as close as it gets. Much closer than anyone could ever imagine. Tony loves women, but nobody has ever been able to turn him on in the