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France, Anatole - Pingviinien saari, ebook

Pingviinien saari

France, Anatole


Anatole France kirjoittaa ylistetyssä satiirissaan pingviinit maailmankartalle, ja saa samalla tilaisuuden tehdä suursiivouksen myös ihmiskunnan aate- ja kulttuurihistorian parissa. Suomentanut Joel Lehtonen.

France, Anatole - Enkelien kapina, ebook

Enkelien kapina

France, Anatole


Katolinen kirkko asetti hänen tuotantonsa kiellettyjen kirjojen listalle vuonna 1922, mitä France itse piti kunniamainintana. Suomentanut Joel Lehtonen.

France, Anatole - Penguin Island, ebook

Penguin Island

France, Anatole


There is a fictional island, entirely populated by penguins. A Christian missionary monk reaches the shores of the island and is enchanted by what he sees there. "Penguin Island" is a satirical novel that explores and severely criticizes human nature,…

Stevens, Anne - Government and Politics of France, ebook

Government and Politics of France

Stevens, Anne


Contents France: An Introduction The Constitutional Framework President and Prime Minister: Executive Leadership President and Prime Minister: Political Roles and Evolving Relationships The Government Machine: Ministers and Civil Servants Local Government Parliament Party

France, Alan - Youth and Social Class, ebook

Youth and Social Class

France, Alan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Alan France, Steven Roberts
2. Class Matters
Alan France, Steven Roberts
3. Education, Social Mobility and the Enduring Nature of Class
Alan France, Steven Roberts
4. Young People, Work and Social Class
Alan France, Steven Roberts
5. Youth, Class and Intersectionality

France, Bev - Bringing Communities Together, ebook

Bringing Communities Together

France, Bev


Working With Technologists on Technology Curriculum Development and Implementation
Vicki Compton, Bev France
6. The Role of the Royal Society of New Zealand in Making Connections
Richard Meylan, Joanna Leaman
7. Expanding the Capacity For Connection

France, Anatole - The Revolt of the Angels, ebook

The Revolt of the Angels

France, Anatole


"The Revolt of the Angels" is one of the most successful and profound novels by Anatole France. It follows the life of Arcade, an angel that watches over Maurice d'Esparivieu. However, one day Arcade falls in love, gets recruited in the angelic rebellion, and begins his existential metamorphosis