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Greenberg, Michael D. - Ordinary Differential Equations, ebook

Ordinary Differential Equations

Greenberg, Michael D.


Features a balance between theory, proofs, and examples and provides applications across diverse fields of study
Ordinary Differential Equations presents a thorough discussion of first-order differential equations and progresses to equations

Falcone, Giovanni - Lie Groups, Differential Equations, and Geometry, ebook

Lie Groups, Differential Equations, and Geometry

Falcone, Giovanni


The BCH-Formula and Order Conditions for Splitting Methods
Winfried Auzinger, Wolfgang Herfort, Othmar Koch, Mechthild Thalhammer
5. Cohomology Operations Defining Cohomology Algebra of the Loop Space
Tornike Kadeishvili
6. Half-Automorphisms of Cayley–Dickson

Amann, Herbert - Functional Analysis and Evolution Equations, ebook

Functional Analysis and Evolution Equations

Amann, Herbert


Diffusion Equations with Finite Speed of Propagation
Fuensanta Andreu, Vicent Caselles, José M. Mazón
3. Subordinated Multiparameter Groups of Linear Operators: Properties via the Transference Principle
Boris Baeumer, Mihály Kovács, Mark M. Meerschaert