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B. J. Harrison Reads The White Maniac: A Doctor's Tale

B. J. Harrison Reads The White Maniac: A Doctor's Tale

Fortune, Mary


Why is it like that and how can someone can live in such a sterile surrounding? Why was the doctor invited there and what will he discover about its residents? This story will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page, so if you want to solve the mystery, listen to Mary Fortune's

Kuhns, John D. - China Fortunes: A Tale of Business in the New World, ebook

China Fortunes: A Tale of Business in the New World

Kuhns, John D.


A thoroughly modern global business story
In the spirit of James Clavell, China Fortunes is a vast and sweeping story that addresses one of the hottest topics of the day, Chinese business.
From a chaotic start in China to an embezzling Chinese company president on the run in Manilla,

Fortune, Farida - Behavioral Dentistry, ebook

Behavioral Dentistry

Fortune, Farida

From 53,45€

Behavioral Dentistry, Second Edition, surveys the vast and absorbing topic of the role of behavioral science in the study and clinical practice of dentistry. An understanding of social sciences has long been a central part of dental education, and essential…

Foot, Tony - A Fortune to India, ebook

A Fortune to India

Foot, Tony


Jack Finch has always regarded himself as the boy from the poorer part of the village, lucky to have been the friend of James Fortune from ‘the big house’ and to have fought alongside him in the Crimea. But when James dies in combat, Jack has to return his effects back to his family:

Bowman, Peter James - The Fortune Hunter, ebook

The Fortune Hunter

Bowman, Peter James


The two decades after Waterloo marked the great age of foreign fortune hunters in England. Each year brought a new influx of impecunious Continental noblemen to the world’s richest country, and the more brides they carried off, the more alarmed society became. The most colourful of these

Brant, Clare - Fame and Fortune, ebook

Fame and Fortune

Brant, Clare


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Clare Brant, George Rousseau
Part I. Hill and Lives
2. The Biographer’s Tale: Second Thoughts About ‘Filter Hill’
George Rousseau
3. The Propagation of Lives: Sir John Who?
Clare Brant