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Stuart, Barbara H. - Forensic Analytical Techniques, ebook

Forensic Analytical Techniques

Stuart, Barbara H.


The book will be an open learning / distance learning text in the Analytical Techniques for the Sciences (AnTS) covering analytical techniques used in forensic science. No prior knowledge of the analytical techniques will be required by the reader.
An introductory chapter will provide

Dent, Geoffrey - Modern Raman Spectroscopy: A Practical Approach, ebook

Modern Raman Spectroscopy: A Practical Approach

Dent, Geoffrey


This new edition: Includes instrumentation sections that now contain Spatially Offset Raman scattering and transmission Raman scattering Offers an updated SERS chapter that presents recent examples and Tip enhanced Raman scattering Contains updated information with an emphasis on pharmaceutical,

Sutton, Raul - Crime Scene Management: Scene Specific Methods, ebook

Crime Scene Management: Scene Specific Methods

Sutton, Raul


The book is clearly focused on the techniques for handling crime scenes from the role of the first officer attending through to the specialist personnel who may be called to deal with specific evidence types. Clearly structured to enhance student understanding, methods

Ettre, Leslie S. - Static Headspace-Gas Chromatography: Theory and Practice, ebook

Static Headspace-Gas Chromatography: Theory and Practice

Ettre, Leslie S.


The only reference to provide both current and thorough coverage of this important analytical technique
Static headspace-gas chromatography (HS-GC) is an indispensable technique for analyzing volatile organic compounds, enabling the analyst to assay a variety of sample matrices while

Wang, Yinglin - Knowledge Engineering and Management, ebook

Knowledge Engineering and Management

Wang, Yinglin


Performance Analytical Model for Interbay Material Handling System with Shortcut and Blocking
Lihui Wu, Jianwei Wang, Jie Zhang
24. Robotic 3D Reaching through a Development-Driven Double Neural Network Architecture
Fei Chao, Lin Hu, Minghui Shi, Min Jiang

Litvinenko, Vladimir - XVIII International Coal Preparation Congress, ebook

XVIII International Coal Preparation Congress

Litvinenko, Vladimir


The Impact of Sampling Errors on the Accuracy of Mass Balance in the Coal Enrichment Process
Kaletka Tomasz, Budzyń Stanisław, Olkuski Tadeusz, Tora Barbara, Szurlej Adam, Gradoń Włodzimierz
64. Ash melting behaviour with respect to VM content of coal