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Lang, Jarno S. - Foreign Policy and the Media, ebook

Foreign Policy and the Media

Lang, Jarno S.


Table of contents
1. Theoretical Perspectives: A Lens Through Which to View the World
Jarno S. Lang
2. A Research Design for a Qualitative Image Study
Jarno S. Lang
3. The Indonesian Press and US-Indonesian Relations
Jarno S. Lang

Pradt, Tilman - China’s New Foreign Policy, ebook

China’s New Foreign Policy

Pradt, Tilman


Table of contents
1. Introduction: China’s New Foreign Policy
Tilman Pradt
2. The ‘China Threat’
Tilman Pradt
3. China’s Military Modernisation Programme
Tilman Pradt
4. Threatening Moves
Tilman Pradt
5. Strategic Considerations
Tilman Pradt
6. Assessment of the China Threat

Shamah, Shani - A Foreign Exchange Primer, ebook

A Foreign Exchange Primer

Shamah, Shani

From 52,10€

This book will provide a thorough introduction to the foreign exchange markets, looking at the main products through to the techniques used, coverage of the main participants, details of the various players, and an understanding of the jargon used in everyday dealings. Written in a concise

Ercan, Pınar  Gözen - Turkish Foreign Policy, ebook

Turkish Foreign Policy

Ercan, Pınar Gözen


Aspects of Turkish Foreign Policy in Retrospect
2. Turkey’s Foreign Policies During the Interwar Period (1923–1939)
Nur Bilge Criss
3. Turkish Parliamentary Debates on the American War in Vietnam (1964–1971)

Patience, Allan - Australian Foreign Policy in Asia, ebook

Australian Foreign Policy in Asia

Patience, Allan


Table of contents
1. Liminal Australia in Asia
Allan Patience
2. Middle Powers and Awkward Partners
Allan Patience
3. Australia’s Middle Power Imagining
Allan Patience
4. To Be or Not to Be in Asia?
Allan Patience

Carmon, Haggai - Foreign Judgments in Israel, ebook

Foreign Judgments in Israel

Carmon, Haggai


Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Israel
Haggai Carmon
3. Comparative Law
Haggai Carmon
4. Judgments In Personam, In Rem, and Personal Status Judgments
Haggai Carmon
5. The Function and Ramifications of the Enforcement Procedure