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Gilliland, Michael - Business Forecasting: Practical Problems and Solutions, ebook

Business Forecasting: Practical Problems and Solutions

Gilliland, Michael


A comprehensive collection of the field's most provocative, influential new work
Business Forecasting compiles some of the field's important and influential literature into a single, comprehensive reference for forecast modeling and process improvement. It is packed with provocative

Carlberg, Conrad - Excel Sales Forecasting For Dummies, ebook

Excel Sales Forecasting For Dummies

Carlberg, Conrad


One of the biggest challenges sales and  marketing professionals face is forecasting future sales as accurately as possible. The few books published on the subject are full of arcane business school terms and complex algebraic equations. With Microsoft Excel, Conrad Carlberg manages to

Davidson, Wallace - Financial Forecasting and Decision Making, ebook

Financial Forecasting and Decision Making

Davidson, Wallace


Skilled at forecasting, accountants can plan a company's future by determining the maximum sustainable growth and predict its external fund requirements. This book provides you with the basic tools necessary to project the balance sheet and statements of income and

Dorling, Steve - Operational Weather Forecasting, ebook

Operational Weather Forecasting

Dorling, Steve


Operational Weather Forecasting covers the whole process of forecast production, from understanding the nature of the forecasting problem, gathering the observational data with which to initialise and verify forecasts, designing

Yorke, Stan - Weather Forecasting Made Simple, ebook

Weather Forecasting Made Simple

Yorke, Stan


The weather has always dominated our daily lives and wind, rain and sunshine remain our favourite topic of conversation. We all want to know what the weather will be for the week ahead in order to plan our days. But even with T.V.forecasts, it is hard…