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Voeller, John G. - Food Safety and Food Security, ebook

Food Safety and Food Security

Voeller, John G.


Food Safety and Food Security features articles from the Wiley Handbook of Science and Technology for Homeland Security covering topics related to processing and packaging methods

McDonald, Bryan L. - Food Security, ebook

Food Security

McDonald, Bryan L.


Throughout history, human societies have struggled to ensure that all people have access to sufficient food to lead active and healthy lives. Despite great global effort, events of the early 21st century clearly demonstrate that food remains a pressing

Shaw, Ian C. - Food Safety: The Science of Keeping Food Safe, ebook

Food Safety: The Science of Keeping Food Safe

Shaw, Ian C.


Recognising that food safety is not only concerned with microbiology, this comprehensive and accessible book addresses all the topics pertinent to a full understanding of keeping food safe. Each chapter will proceed from introductory concepts and build

Martindale, Wayne - Global Food Security and Supply, ebook

Global Food Security and Supply

Martindale, Wayne


With the global population projected to reach 9 billion by the year 2050, the need for nations to secure food supplies for their populations has never been more pressing. Finding better supply chain solutions is an essential part of achieving a secure and sustainable diet for a rapidly increasing

Bhat, Rajeev - Progress in Food Preservation, ebook

Progress in Food Preservation

Bhat, Rajeev


This volume presents a wide range of new approaches aimed at improving the safety and quality of food products and agricultural commodities. Each chapter provides in-depth information on new and emerging food preservation techniques including those relating