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Fortis, Marco - The Pillars of the Italian Economy, ebook

The Pillars of the Italian Economy

Fortis, Marco


Production Districts and Their Relevance in the Italian Economy: A Few Analytical Profiles
Marco Fortis
3. Development Profiles of the Italian Industrial System and Its Exports from the Unification of Italy to the Present: The Case of Mechanical Engineering

Lane, Lea - The Unofficial Guide to New York City, ebook

The Unofficial Guide to New York City

Lane, Lea


com) Forbes Traveler includes New York City with high honors on so many of its travel ranking and categories including: America's 30 Most Visited Cities; World's Most Stunning Skylines; Best Guided City Walking Tours; World's Best Party Cities; America's Best Street Food;

Malik, Abdul - Environmental Deterioration and Human Health, ebook

Environmental Deterioration and Human Health

Malik, Abdul


Climate Change and Migration: Food Insecurity as a Driver and Outcome of Climate Change-Related Migration
Celia McMichael
13. Climate Change and Vector Borne Diseases in Latin America
Ulisses EC Confalonieri, Flávia RL Suassuna Dutra
14. Climate Change

Michener, William K. - Ecological Informatics, ebook

Ecological Informatics

Michener, William K.


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Ecological Informatics: An Introduction
Friedrich Recknagel, William K. Michener
Part II. Managing Ecological Data
2. Project Data Management Planning
William K. Michener
3. Scientific Databases for Environmental Research
John H. Porter
4. Quality Assurance

Filho, Walter Leal - Experiences of Climate Change Adaptation in Africa, ebook

Experiences of Climate Change Adaptation in Africa

Filho, Walter Leal


Integration of Indigenous Knowledge Systems into Climate Change Adaptation and Enhancing Food Security in Nandi and Keiyo Districts, Kenya
Charles Kipkorir Songok, Emmanuel Chessum Kipkorir, Edward Musungu Mugalavai
6. Climate Change and the Emergence of Helter-Skelter