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Ames, N. Kent - Noordsy's Food Animal Surgery, ebook

Noordsy's Food Animal Surgery

Ames, N. Kent


Noordsy’s Food Animal Surgery, Fifth Edition is a fully updated new edition of the classic field manual on surgical techniques in cattle, goats, sheep, and pigs. Designed for easy, fast access in the field, information is presented using a concise

Bhagat, Arpan - Foods of Non-Animal Origin, ebook

Foods of Non-Animal Origin

Bhagat, Arpan


Regulating Risks in Imports of Foods of Non-animal Origin: The U.S. Food Industry Perspective
Arpan Bhagat
2. Clostridium Botulinum and C. perfringens in Vegetable Foods:

Cockcroft, Peter - Clinical Examination of Farm Animals, ebook

Clinical Examination of Farm Animals

Cockcroft, Peter


Without a proficient clinical examination and an accurate diagnosis it is unlikely that the treatment, control, prognosis and welfare of animals will be optimised.
This book will assist veterinary students in their understanding of farm animal

Scott, Danny W. - Color Atlas of Farm Animal Dermatology, ebook

Color Atlas of Farm Animal Dermatology

Scott, Danny W.


A Color Atlas of Farm Animal Dermatology is an essential reference for veterinary dermatologists, practitioners, and students alike. Emphasizing recognition and diagnosis, the book combines over 600 color photographs with clear and concise text highlighting clinical

Westendorf, Michael L. - Food Waste to Animal Feed, ebook

Food Waste to Animal Feed

Westendorf, Michael L.


The magnitude of the food-waste disposal problem cannot be understated. Utilisation of food waste is of concern to the food processing industry, consumers, environmentalists, and regulators of handling and disposal

Lee, Byong H. - Fundamentals of Food Biotechnology, ebook

Fundamentals of Food Biotechnology

Lee, Byong H.


Food biotechnology is the application of modern biotechnological techniques to the manufacture and processing of food, for example through fermentation of food (which is the oldest biotechnological process) and

Ustunol, Zeynep - Applied Food Protein Chemistry, ebook

Applied Food Protein Chemistry

Ustunol, Zeynep


Food proteins are of great interest, not only because of their nutritional importance and their functionality in foods, but also for their detrimental effects. Although proteins from milk, meats (including fish and poultry), eggs, cereals, legumes, and