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Sanders, Julie - Shakespeare and Music: Afterlives and Borrowings, ebook

Shakespeare and Music: Afterlives and Borrowings

Sanders, Julie


Written from a literary perspective, the book explores the many genres and contexts in which Shakespeare and his work have enjoyed a musical afterlife discussing opera, ballet, and classical symphony alongside musicals and film soundtracks, as well as folk music

Manning, David - Vaughan Williams on Music, ebook

Vaughan Williams on Music

Manning, David


Section 1: Musical Life and English Music 1. The Romantic Movement and its Results 2. A School of English Music 3. The Soporific Finale 4. Good Taste 5. A Sermon to Vocalists 6. Preface to The English Hymnal 7. Who Wants the English Composer?

Mazierska, Ewa - Popular Music in Eastern Europe, ebook

Popular Music in Eastern Europe

Mazierska, Ewa


Folk Music as a Folk Enemy: Music Censorship in Socialist Yugoslavia
Ana Hofman
8. ‘The Second Golden Age’: Popular Music Journalism during the Late Socialist Era of Hungary
Zsófia Réti
9. Youth Under Construction:

Evans, Bill - Banjo For Dummies: Book + Online Video & Audio Instruction, ebook

Banjo For Dummies: Book + Online Video & Audio Instruction

Evans, Bill


Play your way to banjo-playing expertise
Traditionally associated with country, folk, and bluegrass music, the banjo is accessible to anyone with the patience and willpower to learn it. This second edition of Banjo For Dummies does the rest of the work for you with updated practice lessons,

Phillips, Mark - Guitar Songs & Styles For Dummies, ebook

Guitar Songs & Styles For Dummies

Phillips, Mark


Get familiar with Folk style, by learning fingerstyle techniques, playing Arpeggio style, trying thumb-brush and carter style, and taking on Travis picking. Have some fun with Folk when you play along with House of the Rising Sun,

Snelgrove, Kevin - The Country Music Quiz Book, ebook

The Country Music Quiz Book

Snelgrove, Kevin


Do you enjoy country music? Are you familiar with the names of all the best-loved country stars, past and present? Can you recall when your favourite country artists started their singing careers and sing along to their greatest hits? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this quiz

Klouche, Timour - Mathematics and Computation in Music, ebook

Mathematics and Computation in Music

Klouche, Timour


On Pitch and Chord Stability in Folk Song Variation Retrieval
Jörg Garbers, Anja Volk, Peter Kranenburg, Frans Wiering, Louis P. Grijp, Remco C. Veltkamp
11. Bayesian Model Selection for Harmonic Labelling
Christophe Rhodes, David Lewis, Daniel Müllensiefen

Spunt, Barry - Heroin and Music in New York City, ebook

Heroin and Music in New York City

Spunt, Barry


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Barry Spunt
2. Jazz
Barry Spunt
3. Rock
Barry Spunt
4. R&B
Barry Spunt
5. Folk Music
Barry Spunt
6. Latin and Caribbean Music
Barry Spunt
7. Conclusion
Barry Spunt