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Jenkins, Ron - X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry, ebook

X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry

Jenkins, Ron


X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, one of the most powerful and flexible techniques available for the analysis and characterization of materials today, has gone through major changes during the past decade.
Fully revised and expanded by 30%, X-Ray Fluorescence

Fidler, V. - Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Biology, ebook

Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Biology

Fidler, V.


Fluorescence Spectroscopy: Basics and Advanced Approaches
1. Basics of Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Biosciences
M. Hof, V. Fidler, R. Hutterer
2. Pulse and Phase Fluorometries: An Objective Comparison
B. Valeur

Geddes, Chris D. - Topics in Fluorescence Spectroscopy, ebook

Topics in Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Geddes, Chris D.


Table of contents
1. Probes and Sensors for Cations
Luca Prodi, Marco Montalti, Nelsi Zaccheroni, Luisa Stella Dolci
2. Fluorescent Anion Complexation Agents
David Curiel, Elizabeth J. Hayes, Paul D. Beer
3. Fluorescent Carbon Dioxide Indicators
Andrew Mills, Stephanie Hodgen
4. Fluorescence-based

Jameson, David M. - Perspectives on Fluorescence, ebook

Perspectives on Fluorescence

Jameson, David M.


Measurements of Fluorescence Decay Time by the Frequency Domain Method
Enrico Gratton
6. Ultra-Fast Fluorescence Anisotropy Decay of N-Acetyl-l-Tryptophanamide Reports on the Apparent Microscopic Viscosity of Aqueous Solutions

Geddes, Chris D. - Reviews in Fluorescence 2010, ebook

Reviews in Fluorescence 2010

Geddes, Chris D.


How Does Tobacco Etch Viral mRNA Get Translated? A Fluorescence Study of Competition, Stability and Kinetics
Dixie J. Goss
2. Novel Metal-Based Luminophores for Biological Imaging
David Lloyd, Michael P. Coogan, Simon J. A. Pope
3. Fluorescence Correlation

Geddes, Chris D. - Reviews in Fluorescence 2009, ebook

Reviews in Fluorescence 2009

Geddes, Chris D.


Metal Enhancement of Near-IR Fluorescence for Molecular Biotechnology Applications
Jon P. Anderson, John G. Williams, Daniel L. Grone, Michael G. Nichols
2. Principal Component Global Analysis of Series of Fluorescence Spectra
Wajih Al-Soufi, Mercedes

Geddes, Chris D. - Reviews in Fluorescence 2008, ebook

Reviews in Fluorescence 2008

Geddes, Chris D.


Table of contents
1. Fluorescence Anisotropy to Study the Preferential Orientation of Fluorophores in Ordered Bi-Dimensional Systems: Rhodamine 6G/Laponite Layered Films
F. López Arbeloa, V. Martínez, T. Arbeloa, I. López Arbeloa
2. Room Temperature Tryptophan Phosphorescence of Proteins in the Composition of Biological