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McCloud, Lady Alice - The Reluctant Stripper, ebook

The Reluctant Stripper

McCloud, Lady Alice


In a world where Victorian values and discipline still hold sway over the British Empire, the lovely Thrift is sent as a spy to the dangerously decadent environs of France. After various painful and erotic adventures she arrives in Paris, where there…

Hyde, Tanya - King John and The Two Wenches of Woldingham, ebook

King John and The Two Wenches of Woldingham

Hyde, Tanya


The narrator of this erotic book takes us from the first moments of discovering rubber as the most sensuous and exciting of materials and then through the process of first dressing and then being treated as a female slave by the vicious and vindictive…

Edwards, Janine - Knicker Thief, ebook

Knicker Thief

Edwards, Janine


When the knicker thief goes raiding in a girl's school, he gets considerably more than a pocket full of knickers to take home, for the girls discover the intruder and set about dishing out their own brand of justice!

Brynn, Thomas - Lady Fareton's Fate, ebook

Lady Fareton's Fate

Brynn, Thomas


Lord Fareton has died and his family suspect his young wife to be responsible for his death. They therefore set out to capture her in an attempt to get the real truth. This they do but only after many adventures and both sexual and painful! Eventually…

Brynn, Thomas - Lady Fareton's Journey, ebook

Lady Fareton's Journey

Brynn, Thomas


Lady Fareton has embarked on a sea journey and safari with her devoted maid, Hetty. In Africa, the entire crew desert them and they are captured by the natives of the area who gleefully subject the two women to horrendous ordeals! The agony of torture…

McLachlan, Bruce - Lady Morgana's Slavegirl, ebook

Lady Morgana's Slavegirl

McLachlan, Bruce


The sequel to 'Samantha's Slavery' by the same author. Our heroine, Samantha, rescued from the streets by the dominatrix Lady Morgana, is beginning life as a fully-fledged slavegirl. Apart from serving her mistress, Samantha endures a lengthy painful…

Downes, Nick - Legacy of Slaves, ebook

Legacy of Slaves

Downes, Nick


Sometimes dreams do come true ... Terry’s great uncle has died and bequeathed him a ranch - full of slaves. Terry, a mere novice at the art of discipline, has a lot to get used to and a lot of pre-conditions to shed on how slaves should be treated as…

Melrose, Paul - Let The Punishment Fit The Crime, ebook

Let The Punishment Fit The Crime

Melrose, Paul


A fascinating and erotic look at a possible future in which Ursula Deedes is a lady with a mission: to clean up Britain’s crime rate and give the criminals a lesson they will never forget! As leader of the Radical Action Party, Ursula forcefully puts…

Stone, CP - Mistress of Drummond Castle, ebook

Mistress of Drummond Castle

Stone, CP


Mistress Claudia has acquired a real castle, complete with dungeons! However, when she arrives to take possession, she finds three drunken louts in its lounge. She is not easily intimidated, however, and by skilful use of her wits and whip, the louts…

Hunt, Michael - The Pet Master, ebook

The Pet Master

Hunt, Michael


The Pet Master's sole role in life is to acquire, and train beautiful girls. The girls, found all over the Continent, are offered of good jobs in the UK, but when they reach port, that is not what they always find to be true. His trained Pets are also…