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Toivola, Marika - Flipped learning - Käänteinen oppiminen, ebook

Flipped learning - Käänteinen oppiminen

Toivola, Marika


Uutuuskirjassa, Flipped learning - Käänteinen oppiminen, esitellään käänteisen oppimisen perusteita ja teoriataustaa sekä käytännön toteutusta. Suomalaista koulujärjestelmää leimaa vahva myytti siitä, miten oppiminen koulussa tapahtuu.

Toivola, Marika - Flipped Learning in Finland, ebook

Flipped Learning in Finland

Toivola, Marika


The new book Flipped Learning in Finland provides an introduction to the concepts, theoretic background and practical implementation of flipped learning.
The Finnish school system is characterised by a powerful myth of how learning

Banas, Jennifer R. - The Flipped College Classroom, ebook

The Flipped College Classroom

Banas, Jennifer R.


The Flipped College Classroom: An Overview
1. The Flipped Classroom: A Brief, Brief History
J. Edward Bates, Hasan Almekdash, Maggie J. Gilchrest-Dunnam
2. Step by Step, Slowly I Flip
Betina Hsieh
3. Tools of

Hadgraft, Roger - The Flipped Classroom, ebook

The Flipped Classroom

Hadgraft, Roger


Designing an Active Learning Environment Architecture Within a Flipped Classroom for Developing First Year Student Engineers
Julie McCredden, Carl Reidsema, Lydia Kavanagh
8. Experiences with “Flipping” an Introductory

Toivola, Marika - Käänteinen arviointi, ebook

Käänteinen arviointi

Toivola, Marika


Uutuusteos formatiivisen arvioinnin merkityksestä oppimiskulttuurin rakentamisessa Käänteinen arviointi keskittyy arvioinnin pedagogisen tehtävän ytimeen. Käänteisessä arvioinnissa on kyse formatiivisesta arvioinnista, jota tehdään oppimista,…

Brent, Rebecca - Teaching and Learning STEM: A Practical Guide, ebook

Teaching and Learning STEM: A Practical Guide

Brent, Rebecca


Rethink traditional teaching methods to improve student learning and retention in STEM 
Educational research has repeatedly shown that compared to traditional teacher-centered instruction, certain learner-centered methods lead to improved learning

Ifenthaler, Dirk - Digital Workplace Learning, ebook

Digital Workplace Learning

Ifenthaler, Dirk


Supporting Informal Workplace Learning Through Analytics
Clara Schumacher
Part II. Design, Implementation and Assessment for Digital Workplace Learning
5. Designing Competence Assessment in VET for a Digital Future
Julia Sangmeister, Esther Winther,

Chiu, Thomas K.F. - Mobile Learning Design, ebook

Mobile Learning Design

Chiu, Thomas K.F.


Augmented Learning with Augmented Reality
Susan Herrington Kidd, Helen Crompton
Part II. Mobile Learning Adoption and Student Perception
7. Mobile Technology and Interactive Lectures: The Key Adoption Factors

Matsushita, Kayo - Deep Active Learning, ebook

Deep Active Learning

Matsushita, Kayo


Deep Active Learning from the Perspective of Active Learning Theory
Shinichi Mizokami
Part II. Attempts in Various Fields
6. The Flipped Classroom: An Instructional Framework for Promotion of Active Learning