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Schlosberg, Suzanne - Fitness For Dummies, ebook

Fitness For Dummies

Schlosberg, Suzanne


The latest and greatest in getting fit and staying that way!
Fitness For Dummies, 4th Edition, provides the latest information and advice for properly shaping, conditioning, and strengthening your body to enhance overall fitness and health. With the help of fitness

Radermacher, Martin - Devotional Fitness, ebook

Devotional Fitness

Radermacher, Martin


Devotional Fitness as Discourse and Embodied Practice
Martin Radermacher
7. Between Inclusion and Exclusion: Devotional Fitness in Its Environments
Martin Radermacher
Part IV. Theoretical Reflections—Reflecting

Sassatelli, Roberta - Fitness Culture, ebook

Fitness Culture

Sassatelli, Roberta


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Bodies, Consumers and the Ethnography of Commercial Gyms
Roberta Sassatelli
2. The Cultural Location of Fitness Gyms
Roberta Sassatelli
3. Spatiality and Temporality
Roberta Sassatelli
4. Interaction and Relational Codes
Roberta Sassatelli
5. Framing Fitness

Ryan, Tony - Cross-Training For Dummies, ebook

Cross-Training For Dummies

Ryan, Tony


Anyone can get into a fitness rut. You could be exercising regularly but feeling unmotivated about your current routine. Or you could be enjoying your workouts but not getting the results you really want. You can even be on health club hiatus and looking for a way to get back into exercise-mode.

Chabut, LaReine - Core Strength For Dummies, Pocket Edition, ebook

Core Strength For Dummies, Pocket Edition

Chabut, LaReine


Making Everything Easier!
Core Strength for Dummies
Portable Edition
LaReine Chabut
Fitness and lifestyle expert and author of Lose That Baby Fat!
Get the core you've always wanted!
Always wanted a great core and just not sure how to get it? This handy pocket guide will get you started on your way to

Cram, Catherine - Fit Pregnancy For Dummies<sup>?</sup>, ebook

Fit Pregnancy For Dummies?

Cram, Catherine


Fit Pregnancy For Dummies is for you if you’re pregnant, if you’re thinking about becoming pregnant, and You want to be as fit and healthy as you can be — whatever your current fitness level — without in any way jeopardizing your health or the

Wright, Gavin - Cycling For Dummies, ebook

Cycling For Dummies

Wright, Gavin


Improve your health and fitness, reduce your carbon footprint and have fun along the way!
Pick the bike and equipment that suit you — determine whether a road bike, mountain bike or something in-between is best for you
Find the time to incorporate cycling

Rickard, Georgia - Weight Training For Dummies, ebook

Weight Training For Dummies

Rickard, Georgia


Feel strong, toned and terrific with the latest moves in strength training
Whether you're a beginner who doesn't know a barbell from a chocolate bar, a fitness junkie looking to expand your knowledge on weight training, or you're recovering from an injury and need to rebuild strength,