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Ohri, Ajay - Python for R Users: A Data Science Approach, ebook

Python for R Users: A Data Science Approach

Ohri, Ajay


The definitive guide for statisticians and data scientists who understand the advantages of becoming proficient in both R and Python
The first book of its kind, Python for R Users: A Data Science Approach makes it easy for R programmers to code in Python and Python users

Sandler, Corey - AARP Tablets: Tech to Connect, ebook

AARP Tablets: Tech to Connect

Sandler, Corey


Take on your tablet with confidence and get connected!
AARP Tablets: Tech To Connect provides you with the know-how to become savvy with your tablet PC. From downloading apps and syncing to your other devices to storing data online and browsing…

Sandler, Corey - Fix Your Own Computer For Seniors For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Fix Your Own Computer For Seniors For Dummies®

Sandler, Corey


Learn to diagnose and fix simple PC problems with this easy-to-follow guide
When something goes wrong with your computer, it's frustrating and potentially expensive. With Fix Your Own Computer For Seniors For Dummies, you can find out what's wrong,

Baig, Edward C. - Macs For Dummies, ebook

Macs For Dummies

Baig, Edward C.


Now in its eleventh edition, the bestselling Macintosh computer book of all time is back, updated and revised to cover Apple's latest generation of Macintosh hardware and software. From the Snow Leopard operating system to iWork and iLife, this step-by-step guide is

Kaufeld, John - AOL For Dummies, ebook

AOL For Dummies

Kaufeld, John


A traditional bestseller, AOL For Dummies is the only regularly updated reference book on the market for beginning AOL users Covers the essentials of signing up for AOL, getting around the AOL channels, using AOL's e-mail and instant messaging, and exploring the Web browser Helps