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Jakšić, Maja Levi - Innovative Management and Firm Performance, ebook

Innovative Management and Firm Performance

Jakšić, Maja Levi


Technology and Innovation Management Education in Serbia
Maja Levi Jakšić, Sanja Marinković, Jovana Kojić
3. The Influence of the Knowledge-Based Economy on the Competitiveness of European Economies and Businesses
Miloš Parežanin, Sandra Jednak,

Faden, Christian - Optimizing Firm Performance, ebook

Optimizing Firm Performance

Faden, Christian


Working capital management: a review of performance measurement and its drivers
Christian Faden
3. Driving firm performance based on an integrated operations approach consisting of manufacturing, supply chain management,

Reigle, J. - Positioning for Architecture and Design Firms, ebook

Positioning for Architecture and Design Firms

Reigle, J.


This informative guide is for an architecture firm of any size to effectively develop itself, and then market and promote its work, based on its expertise and value to clients. The author guides the reader to address issues of firm identity, including

Domsch, Michel E. - Human Resource Management in Consulting Firms, ebook

Human Resource Management in Consulting Firms

Domsch, Michel E.


The Role of Human Resource Management in Consulting Firms
Michel E. Domsch, Elena Hristozova
2. The Consultant: A Clear Outsider’s Inside View
Klaus Reiners
Part I:.HRM as Strategic Partner and Change Agent
3. Demands and Challenges: Values and