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Pollak, Peter - Fine Chemicals: The Industry and the Business, ebook

Fine Chemicals: The Industry and the Business

Pollak, Peter


This book is a comprehensive reference on one of the most exciting and challenging segments of the modern chemical industry, and a practical guide for developing and succeeding in the multibillion fine chemicals business. The

 - Ullmann's Fine Chemicals, ebook

Ullmann's Fine Chemicals


A compilation of 76 articles from the ULLMANN's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, this three-volume handbook contains a wealth of information on the production and industrial use of more than 2,000 of the most important fine chemicals,

Clark, James H. - Introduction to Chemicals from Biomass, ebook

Introduction to Chemicals from Biomass

Clark, James H.


Introduction to Chemicals from Biomass, Second Editionpresents an overview of the use of biorenewable resources in the21st century for the manufacture of chemical products, materialsand energy. The book demonstrates that biomass is essentially arich mixture of chemicals

Cadierno, Victorio - Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water, ebook

Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water

Cadierno, Victorio


This book provides a comprehensive overview of developments in the use of water as a solvent for metal
catalysis, illustrating the enormous potential of water in developing new catalytic transformations for fi ne chemicals and molecular materials