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Kitcher, Philip - Finding an Ending : Reflections on Wagner's Ring, ebook

Finding an Ending : Reflections on Wagner's Ring

Kitcher, Philip


In Finding an Ending, two eminent philosophers, Philip Kitcher and Richard Schacht, offer an illuminating look at this greatest of Wagner's achievements, focusing on its far-reaching and subtle exploration of problems of meanings and endings in this life and world.

Fellows, Richard F. - Research Methods for Construction, ebook

Research Methods for Construction

Fellows, Richard F.


This new edition of a valued guide for construction students will: instil rigour into your problem solving and the production of reports and publications is one of the few books to provide guidance on research formulation, methodologies, and

Vitalis, André - The Uncertain Digital Revolution, ebook

The Uncertain Digital Revolution

Vitalis, André


Digital information and communication technologies are seen as a threat to privacy, a step forward for freedom of expression and communication, a tool in the fight against terrorism or the source of a new economic wealth. This book revisits the major issues that have emerged with the progress

Adams, Jessica - Guantánamo and American Empire, ebook

Guantánamo and American Empire

Adams, Jessica


Table of contents
1. Finding Guantánamo: Freedom, Paradox, and Poetry
Don E. Walicek, Jessica Adams
2. The Amen Temple of Empire
Diana Murtaugh Coleman
3. Responding to Erasure: U.S. Imperialism, Guantánamo Bay, and Haitian Asylum Policy
Don E. Walicek
4. The Many Bodies of Mos Def: Notes for an