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Martín-Aceña, Pablo - The Spanish financial System, ebook

The Spanish financial System

Martín-Aceña, Pablo


The Spanish banking system from 1900 to 1975
Pablo Martín-Aceña
6. The savings Banks: 1900–1975
Francisco Comín
7. The macroeconomic basis of the recent development of the Spanish financial system
José Luis Malo de Molina
8. Banking supervision

Pozen, Robert - Too Big to Save? How to Fix the U.S. Financial System, ebook

Too Big to Save? How to Fix the U.S. Financial System

Pozen, Robert


The recent credit crisis and the resulting bailout program are unprecedented events in the financial industry. While it's important to understand what got us here, it's even more important to consider how we should get out. While there is little question

He, Dexu - Financial Security in China, ebook

Financial Security in China

He, Dexu


The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on China’s Financial Security
Dexu He
2. The Hidden Dangers and Risks to China’s Currency Security
Dexu He
3. “Herd Behavior” in the Commercial Bank Credit Market
Dexu He
4. The Risks and Hidden

Arestis, Philip - The Financial Crisis, ebook

The Financial Crisis

Arestis, Philip


Income Distribution and Borrowing: Growth and Financial Balances in the US Economy
Gennaro Zezza
6. Re-structuring the Financial Sector to Reduce its Burden on the Economy
Malcolm Sawyer
7. Regulate Financial

Armas, Adrián - Financial Dollarization, ebook

Financial Dollarization

Armas, Adrián


Financial Dollarization: Roots and Dynamics
2. Financial Dollarization Equilibria: A Framework for Policy Analysis
Alain Ize
3. Financial De-dollarization: Is It for Real?
Alain Ize, Eduardo Levy Yeyati
4. Financial Dollarization in Latin America