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He, Dexu - Financial Security in China, ebook

Financial Security in China

He, Dexu


The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on China’s Financial Security
Dexu He
2. The Hidden Dangers and Risks to China’s Currency Security
Dexu He
3. “Herd Behavior” in the Commercial Bank Credit Market
Dexu He
4. The Risks and Hidden

Williamson, John - Growth-Linked Securities, ebook

Growth-Linked Securities

Williamson, John


Table of contents
1. Introduction
John Williamson
2. History and Precedents
John Williamson
3. The Variants of GDP-Linked Securities
John Williamson
4. The Benefits of GDP-Linked Securities
John Williamson
5. The Costs of GDP-Linked Securities
John Williamson
6. Topics in the Demand

Banks, Erik - Financial Lexicon, ebook

Financial Lexicon

Banks, Erik


Table of contents
1. A
Erik Banks
2. B
Erik Banks
3. C
Erik Banks
4. D
Erik Banks
5. E
Erik Banks
6. F
Erik Banks
7. G
Erik Banks
8. H
Erik Banks
9. I
Erik Banks
10. J

Bottiglia, Roberto - Consolidation in the European Financial Industry, ebook

Consolidation in the European Financial Industry

Bottiglia, Roberto


Table of contents
1. Consolidation in the Financial Industry
Roberto Bottiglia, Elisabetta Gualandri, Gian Nereo Mazzocco
2. M&As in Banking: A Literature Review
Enrico Geretto
3. M&As in Banking: Measurement of Some Effects
Enrico Geretto, Gian Nereo Mazzocco
4. M&As and Equity Risk in

 - Financial Planning Competency Handbook, ebook

Financial Planning Competency Handbook


This fully updated second edition includes brand new content on connections diagrams, new case studies, and new instructional videos, and a completely new section devoted to the interdisciplinary nature of financial planning. You'll gain insights from diverse fields

Gopalan, Sasidaran - Financial Inclusion in Asia, ebook

Financial Inclusion in Asia

Gopalan, Sasidaran


Measuring Financial Inclusion for Asian Economies
Mandira Sarma
2. Determinants of Financial Inclusion in Asia
Zuzana Fungáčová, Laurent Weill
Part II. Financial Inclusion:

Broihahn, Michael A. - International Financial Statement Analysis, ebook

International Financial Statement Analysis

Broihahn, Michael A.


Better analysis for more accurate international financial valuation
International Financial Statement Analysis provides the most up-to-date detail for the successful assessment of company performance and financial position regardless of country of