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Sornette, Didier - Market Risk and Financial Markets Modeling, ebook

Market Risk and Financial Markets Modeling

Sornette, Didier


Estimation of Market Resiliency from High-Frequency Micex Shares Trading Data
Nikolay Andreev
5. Market Liquidity Measurement and Econometric Modeling
Viacheslav Arbuzov, Maria Frolova
6. Modeling of Russian Equity Market

Kita, Hajime - Realistic Simulation of Financial Markets, ebook

Realistic Simulation of Financial Markets

Kita, Hajime


Building Artificial Markets for Evaluating Market Institutions and Trading Strategies
Isao Ono, Hiroshi Sato
4. A Perspective on the Future of the Smallest Big Project in the World
Takao Terano
Part II. Applications of Artificial Markets
5. Evolution

Gurevich, Gregory - Event Studies for Financial Research, ebook

Event Studies for Financial Research

Gurevich, Gregory


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Doron Kliger, Gregory Gurevich
2. Infrastructure: The Efficient Market Hypothesis
Doron Kliger, Gregory Gurevich
3. The Event Study Approach
Doron Kliger, Gregory Gurevich
4. A Simplified Example: The Effect of Air Crashes on Stock Prices
Doron Kliger, Gregory

Southall, Tony F. - European Financial Markets, ebook

European Financial Markets

Southall, Tony F.


Definition of Research Questions and Hypotheses
4. Methodology
5. Review of Empirical Data
6. Findings and Discussion
7. Conclusions
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