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Davies, Howard - The Financial Crisis: Who is to Blame?, ebook

The Financial Crisis: Who is to Blame?

Davies, Howard


There is still no consensus on who or what caused the financial crisis which engulfed the world, beginning in the summer of 2007.
A huge number of suspects have been identified, from greedy investment bankers, through feckless borrowers, dilatory

Li, Shaofang - Financial Institutions in the Global Financial Crisis, ebook

Financial Institutions in the Global Financial Crisis

Li, Shaofang


The Use of Financial Derivatives and Risks of U.S. Bank Holding Companies
Shaofang Li
3. Quality of Bank Capital and Bank Lending Behaviour During the Global Financial Crisis
Shaofang Li
4. Competition in the Clearing and Settlement Industry

Walby, Sylvia - Crisis, ebook


Walby, Sylvia


We are living in a time of crisis which has cascaded through society. Financial crisis has led to an economic crisis of recession and unemployment; an ensuing fiscal crisis

Arestis, Philip - The Financial Crisis, ebook

The Financial Crisis

Arestis, Philip


The Lessons from the Current Crisis for Macro-theory and Policy
Philip Arestis, Elias Karakitsos
3. The Conventional Views of the Global Crisis: A Critical Assessment
Emiliano Brancaccio, Giuseppe Fontana
4. The

Hendrickson, Jill M. - Financial Crisis, ebook

Financial Crisis

Hendrickson, Jill M.


Financial Crisis in the US in the Twenty-First Century
4. Prologue to the Crisis: 2000–2006
Jill M. Hendrickson
5. The Crisis Unfolds
Jill M. Hendrickson
Part III. Evaluating Theories Against the Evidence

Rockoff, Hugh - Coping with Financial Crises, ebook

Coping with Financial Crises

Rockoff, Hugh


Reflections on the Evolution of Financial Crises: Theory, History and Empirics
Michael D. Bordo
2. The International Contagion of Short-Run Interest Rates During the Great Depression
Samuel Maveyraud, Antoine Parent

Amann, Wolfgang - The Financial Crisis, ebook

The Financial Crisis

Amann, Wolfgang


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Finance and the Financial Crisis
Ted Azarmi
2. Corporate Governance and Restructuring Through Spin-Offs: European Evidence
Dmitri Boreiko, Maurizio Murgia
3. Alternative Specifications of Bank Lending in France and Germany: Theory, Evidence, and Policy Implications

Keen, Steve - Can We Avoid Another Financial Crisis?, ebook

Can We Avoid Another Financial Crisis?

Keen, Steve


The Great Financial Crash had cataclysmic effects on the global economy, and took conventional economists completely by surprise. Many leading commentators declared shortly before the crisis that the magical recipe for eternal stability had been found.