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Collings, Steven - Financial Accounting For Dummies, ebook

Financial Accounting For Dummies

Collings, Steven


Your plain–English guide to financial accounting for students and trainees.
Financial Accounting For Dummies provides students who are studying finance, accounting and business with the basic concepts, terminology,

Loughran, Maire - Financial Accounting For Dummies, ebook

Financial Accounting For Dummies

Loughran, Maire


Your plain-English guide to navigating a financial accounting course
Despite the economic landscape and job market, demand for accountants remains strong, and accountants will continue to see high demand for their services as the economy rebounds

Morris, Joseph - Software Industry Accounting, ebook

Software Industry Accounting

Morris, Joseph


The software industry is being inundated with important accounting and valuation questions. The rules and regulations governing accounting of the software industry are very different from other industries. The software industry has unique accounting

Haslam, Jim - Pioneers of Critical Accounting, ebook

Pioneers of Critical Accounting

Haslam, Jim


Tony Lowe and the Interdisciplinary and Critical Perspectives on Accounting Project: Reflections on the Contributions of a Unique Scholar
Richard Laughlin
2. The Man Who Always Asked Why! The Reflexive Accounting of Tony Lowe
Kerry Jacobs
3. Management