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Fleuriet, Michel - Finance: A Fine Art, ebook

Finance: A Fine Art

Fleuriet, Michel


The financial markets play a crucial role in contemporary society. They can change the lives of whole communities for better or worse and form an essential part of the overall economy. Yet their intermediaries are frequently criticised for misuse of the…

Biekpe, Nicholas - Development Finance, ebook

Development Finance

Biekpe, Nicholas


Development Finance and Its Innovations for Sustainable Growth. An Introduction
Nicholas Biekpe, Danny Cassimon, Karel Verbeke
2. Domestic Resource Mobilization in Africa: Capacity Imperatives
Emmanuel Nnadozie, Thomas C. Munthali, Robert Nantchouang,

Quiry, Pascal - Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice, 3rd Edition, ebook

Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice, 3rd Edition

Quiry, Pascal


Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice, 3rd Edition, the website www.vernimmen.com and the Vernimmen.com newsletter are all written and created by an author team who are both investment bankers/corporate financiers and academics.
This book covers the theory and practice of Corporate

Amato, Massimo - The End of Finance, ebook

The End of Finance

Amato, Massimo

From 30,35€

The ‘end’ or purpose of finance is to be found in the social institutions by which the making and acceptance of promises of payment are made possible - that is, the creation and cancellation of debt contracts within a specified time frame. Amato and

Giorgioni, Gianluigi - Development Finance, ebook

Development Finance

Giorgioni, Gianluigi


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Gianluigi Giorgioni
2. Issues and Challenges: An Assessment of the Empirical Evidence
Gianluigi Giorgioni
3. Government Intervention and Financial Sector Development
Rashmi Arora
4. Overseas…