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Chan, Felicia - Genre in Asian Film and Television, ebook

Genre in Asian Film and Television

Chan, Felicia


Law through a Hybrid Genre in Solomon’s Choice: A Case Study of a Reflection on Law Education through Television in Korea
Ji Yun Park
4. Eyes of the Other: The Role of Chinese Women through the Lens of Documentary Films
Cecilia J. Pang
5. Almost Propaganda

Bordun, Troy - Genre Trouble and Extreme Cinema, ebook

Genre Trouble and Extreme Cinema

Bordun, Troy


Introduction: Genre Trouble and Extreme Cinema
Troy Bordun
2. Carlos Reygadas, the Avant-Garde, and the Senses
Troy Bordun
3. !Que Viva México!: Reygadas as Documentarian
Troy Bordun
4. I Don’t Know It When I See It: Catherine Breillat’s

Costanzo, William V. - World Cinema through Global Genres, ebook

World Cinema through Global Genres

Costanzo, William V.


World Cinema through Global Genres introduces the complex forces of global filmmaking using the popular concept of film genre. The cluster-based organization allows students to acquire a clear understanding of core

Luhr, William - Film Noir, ebook

Film Noir

Luhr, William


Film Noir offers new perspectives on this highly popular and influential film genre, providing a useful overview of its historical evolution and the many critical debates over its stylistic elements.Brings together

Enticknap, Leo - Film Restoration, ebook

Film Restoration

Enticknap, Leo


Why Do Films Need to Be Restored?
Leo Enticknap
3. Where Are Films Restored, Where Do They Come From and Who Restores Them?
Leo Enticknap
4. The Technique of Film Restoration
Leo Enticknap
5. The Presentation

Grant, Barry Keith - The Hollywood Film Musical, ebook

The Hollywood Film Musical

Grant, Barry Keith


This revealing history of the American film musical synthesizes the critical literature on the genre and provides a series of close analytical readings of iconic musical films, focusing on their cultural relationship

Moine, Raphaelle - Cinema Genre, ebook

Cinema Genre

Moine, Raphaelle


Genre - or 'type' - is a core concept in both film production and the history of film. Genres play a key role in how moviegoers perceive and rate films,

Donaldson, Lucy Fife - Texture in Film, ebook

Texture in Film

Donaldson, Lucy Fife


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Lucy Fife Donaldson
2. Introducing Texture in Film
Lucy Fife Donaldson
3. Textural Worlds
Lucy Fife Donaldson
4. Experiencing Space
Lucy Fife Donaldson
5. Sound
Lucy Fife Donaldson

Guneratne, Anthony R. - Shakespeare and Genre, ebook

Shakespeare and Genre

Guneratne, Anthony R.


Murdering Peasants: Status, Genre, and the Representation of Rebellion
Stephen Greenblatt
4. “The stage is hung with black”: Genre and the Trappings of Stagecraft in Shakespearean Tragedy
Andrew Gurr
5. Shakespeare’s