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Carel, Havi - New Takes in Film-Philosophy, ebook

New Takes in Film-Philosophy

Carel, Havi


Re-enfranchising Film: Towards a Romantic Film-Philosophy
Robert Sinnerbrink
4. Notes on Stanley Cavell and Philosophical Film Criticism
Andrew Klevan
5. Broken Glass by the Road: Adorno and a Cinema of Negativity
Hamish Ford
6. Film Can’t

Goodenough, Jerry - Film <Emphasis Type="Italic">as</Emphasis> Philosophy, ebook

Film as Philosophy

Goodenough, Jerry


Introduction II: What Theory of Film Do Wittgenstein and Cavell Have?
Rupert Read
Part I. Essays
3. Cogito Ergo Film: Plato, Descartes and Fight Club
Nancy Bauer
4. In Space, No-one Can Hear You Scream: Acknowledging

Shamir, Tal S. - Cinematic Philosophy, ebook

Cinematic Philosophy

Shamir, Tal S.


Why Philosophy Has Always Needed Cinema
Tal S. Shamir
7. Cinesophia
Tal S. Shamir
8. The Intimate Relationship Between Art and Truth
Tal S. Shamir
9. Cinematic Philosophy—A New Platform for Philosophy

Shanahan, Timothy - Philosophy and Blade Runner, ebook

Philosophy and Blade Runner

Shanahan, Timothy


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Timothy Shanahan
2. Being Human
Timothy Shanahan
3. Persons
Timothy Shanahan
4. Identity
Timothy Shanahan
5. Consciousness
Timothy Shanahan
6. Freedom
Timothy Shanahan

Bolton, Lucy - Film and Female Consciousness, ebook

Film and Female Consciousness

Bolton, Lucy


‘Frozen in Showcases’: Feminist Film Theory and the Abstraction of Woman
Lucy Bolton
3. The Camera as an Irigarayan Speculum
Lucy Bolton
4. In the Cut: Self-Endangerment or Subjective Strength?
Lucy Bolton
5. Lost in Translation: The Potential