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Fight, Andrew - Understanding International Bank Risk, ebook

Understanding International Bank Risk

Fight, Andrew


In an era of globalisation, syndicated lending and consolidation within the banking industry, virtually all industries will have international dealings, whether directly or indirectly, and will therefore be exposed to consequential risks. An understanding…

Solomon, Philip - The Dream Fight, ebook

The Dream Fight

Solomon, Philip


Whilst his efforts to give up tobacco fail miserably, he does attempt to answer a long-debated sporting question, who is the greatest heavyweight boxer that ever lived? Along the way, Denison visualises fantasy fights between some of the most legendary names in boxing,

Fairbairn, W. E. - All-in Fighting, ebook

All-in Fighting

Fairbairn, W. E.


The author of this concise guide to unarmed combat and self-defence is a legend. W. E. Fairbairn (1885-1960) spent over thirty years in the tough environment of the Riot Squads of China's Shanghai Municipal Police. In order to lower levels of Police mortality…

Sharp, Elaine Hazel - Fight For Your Dream, ebook

Fight For Your Dream

Sharp, Elaine Hazel


This compelling autobiography details the true life story of one woman’s fight for survival. It details the depth of resilience that some extraordinary individuals can display when facing their own mortality. Fight for your dream epitomises Elaine’s

Fallon, Captain David - The Big Fight, ebook

The Big Fight

Fallon, Captain David


Transferred in some unexplained fashion to the Australian army he took part in the Gallipoli landings on 25 April 1915, which he describes in gory detail, as he does the rest of the fighting till he was evacuated in December. Back in the British army he was commisioned

Shenk, Gerald E. - Work or Fight!, ebook

Work or Fight!

Shenk, Gerald E.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Gerald E. Shenk
2. The Darkness in Georgia
Gerald E. Shenk
3. Illinois: “A Man Is No Man That Is Not Willing to Fight”
Gerald E. Shenk
4. New Jersey: “He’s His Mother’s Boy; Go and Get Him”
Gerald E. Shenk
5. California: “Please Forward Chinese,

Hyysalo, Pekka - Fight Back: Toinen mahdollisuus, ebook

Fight Back: Toinen mahdollisuus

Hyysalo, Pekka


Uskomaton selviytymistarina
Inspiroiva, rohkaiseva kertomus vakavasti loukkaantuneen nuoren miehen taistelusta takaisin elämään.
Freestylehiihtäjä Pekka Hyysalo (s. 1990) kilpaili big airissa, half pipessa ja slopestylessä ja nousi menestyksekkään…