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Malin, Peter - Mandy's Training - Volume 1, ebook

Mandy's Training - Volume 1

Malin, Peter


Quite obviously the girl loves being dominated and her training continues with very high heels, fetish clothing. All of which Mandy loves! When her Master introduces a Mistress into her life, Mandy’s pleasure (and his) is complete.

Nano, Slave - Dungeon Mistress Adventures, ebook

Dungeon Mistress Adventures

Nano, Slave

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Revel in her enjoyment as she tortures and humiliates her slave at a fetish party. Finally, look on in awe at the severity of the punishment she dishes out to her slave for his depraved behaviour at the club. Be afraid, very afraid, because these stories contain

Masterton, Bob - To Be a Slave, ebook

To Be a Slave

Masterton, Bob


Peter and his wife, Jane, both serving police officers in this world, have time-slipped into another dimension; into a world where there is no crime apart from what is considered to be a ‘forbidden’ sexuality and where only beautiful, honed bodies…

Challis, Rosanna - Out of Her Depth, ebook

Out of Her Depth

Challis, Rosanna


Joanne is making a voyage of self-discovery on the good ship Nirvana, dabbling in New Age therapies - with a difference! Jo agrees to follow the Path of Submission, under the charismatic Ravi, but the humiliation and pain she's forced to suffer grows…

Bell, Becky - Perfect Slave, ebook

Perfect Slave

Bell, Becky


Andrea Hamilton has a secret sexual fantasy. She has never confessed to anyone that she dreams of being a slave, of being bound and whipped and made to obey her master's every whim. Not until she meets Charles Darrington Hawksworth. Hawksworth has just…

Bell, Becky - Perfect Slave Abroad, ebook

Perfect Slave Abroad

Bell, Becky


Andrea Hamilton agrees to enter the System. She is chosen by Isabella Sanchez, and at a castle in Spain she soon learns everything there is to know about lesbian sex. But the arrival of Isabella's nephew, Pedro, causes problems. He becomes infatuated…

Ortiz, Arabella - Punishment for Poppy, ebook

Punishment for Poppy

Ortiz, Arabella


Poppy Cavendish, a teenage orphan, is one of only a few girls made to stay at Maidenhall School during the holidays. Caught in a shameful act by a teacher who favours harsh discipline, she is surprised when her punishment spills over into unnatural love.…

Grayson, Audra - Stolen Servant, ebook

Stolen Servant

Grayson, Audra


Kidnapped, costumed, prostituted and used: Genetta Macleod makes a journey from a wanton girl in a London BDSM club to a living playground for her owners. No one is who they seem to be in this tale of rough sex and voyeurism, all perpetrated on the submissive…

McLachlan, Bruce - Beyond Charybdis, ebook

Beyond Charybdis

McLachlan, Bruce


Having been condemned to the ocean depths as a rubber cocooned Nymph, Mina is finally rescued from her lot and returned to her owners. Taken to a remote island hideaway, Mina is trained as a pony and becomes part of the decadent pleasures of the tropical…

McLachlan, Bruce - Captured by Charybdis, ebook

Captured by Charybdis

McLachlan, Bruce


Mina, an agent of industrial espionage, is hired to investigate the secretive hidden project of a powerful industrialist. Following the trail to Project Charybdis, she finds an underwater world where female slaves serve the lusts of others, unable to…