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Lamas, Marta - Feminism, ebook


Lamas, Marta


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Thinking Feminism from Mexico
Jean Franco
2. From Protests to Proposals: Scenes from a Feminist Process
Marta Lamas
3. Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action in the Workplace
Marta Lamas
4. Gender: Some Conceptual and Theoretical Clarifications
Marta Lamas

Walby, Sylvia - The Future of Feminism, ebook

The Future of Feminism

Walby, Sylvia

From 23,80€

Feminism is not dead. This is not a postfeminist era. Feminism is still vibrant, despite declarations that it is over. Feminism is a success, although many gender inequalities remain. Feminism

Howie, Gillian - Between Feminism and Materialism, ebook

Between Feminism and Materialism

Howie, Gillian


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Gillian Howie
2. Production
Gillian Howie
3. Objectivity
Gillian Howie
4. Reason
Gillian Howie
5. Essentialism
Gillian Howie
6. Identity
Gillian Howie
7. Non-Identity

Bloodsworth-Lugo, Mary K. - Feminism after 9/11, ebook

Feminism after 9/11

Bloodsworth-Lugo, Mary K.


Table of contents
1. Women’s Bodies and Feminism “After” 9/11
Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo, Carmen Rosally Lugo-Lugo
2. The Gendered and Racialized Threat of First Lady Michelle Obama
Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo, Carmen Rosally Lugo-Lugo
3. Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Citizenship, and Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Mendes, Kaitlynn - Feminism in the News, ebook

Feminism in the News

Mendes, Kaitlynn


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kaitlynn Mendes
2. Contextualizing the Issues
Kaitlynn Mendes
3. Reporting the Women’s Movement, 1968–82
Kaitlynn Mendes
4. Reporting Equal Rights, 1968–82
Kaitlynn Mendes
5. Reporting Feminism in 2008
Kaitlynn Mendes
6. Conclusion

Zaslow, Emilie - Feminism, Inc., ebook

Feminism, Inc.

Zaslow, Emilie


“If Feminism Is Believing That Women Are Humans, Then I Am a Feminist”: Girls Define Feminism and Feminist Practice
Emilie Zaslow
8. Conclusion Cultural Discordance: Neoliberal Girl Power Meets Social Reality

Jones, Adele - Sarah Waters and Contemporary Feminisms, ebook

Sarah Waters and Contemporary Feminisms

Jones, Adele


The Feminist Politics of Textuality: Reading the Feminism of Julia Kristeva in Fingersmith
Adele Jones
8. ‘Better a prison … than a madhouse!’: Incarceration and the Neo-Victorian Fictions of Sarah Waters
Mari Hughes-Edwards
Part III. Beyond

Kantola, Johanna - Changing State Feminism, ebook

Changing State Feminism

Kantola, Johanna


What Happened to the Model Student? Austrian State Feminism since the 1990s
Birgit Sauer
4. State Feminism and Women’s Movements in Belgium: Complex Patterns in a Multilevel System
Karen Celis, Petra Meier

Bargu, Banu - Feminism, Capitalism, and Critique, ebook

Feminism, Capitalism, and Critique

Bargu, Banu


From Socialist Feminism to the Critique of Global Capitalism
Richard J. Bernstein
3. Debates on Slavery, Capitalism and Race: Old and New
Robin Blackburn
4. Feminism, Capitalism, and the Social Regulation of Sexuality
Johanna Oksala
5. Capitalism’s