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Hill, Rodney A. - Feed Efficiency in the Beef Industry, ebook

Feed Efficiency in the Beef Industry

Hill, Rodney A.


Feed Efficiency in the Beef Industry provides a thorough and concise overview of feed efficiency in beef cattle.  It frames the great importance of feed efficiency to the industry and details the latest findings

Westendorf, Michael L. - Food Waste to Animal Feed, ebook

Food Waste to Animal Feed

Westendorf, Michael L.


Utilisation of food waste is of concern to the food processing industry, consumers, environmentalists, and regulators of handling and disposal systems. Food waste is not consistent in quality, is usually high in moisture content, and is only available locally. This

 - Ullmann's Food and Feed, ebook

Ullmann's Food and Feed


A compilation of 58 carefully selected, topical articles from the Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, this three-volume handbook provides a wealth of information on economically important basic foodstuffs, raw materials, additives, and processed foods, including a section on animal feed.

Aehle, Wolfgang - Enzymes in Industry: Production and Applications, ebook

Enzymes in Industry: Production and Applications

Aehle, Wolfgang


Leading experts from all over the world present an overview of the use of enzymes in industry for: the production of bulk products, such as glucose, or fructose food processing and food analysis laundry and automatic dishwashing detergents the textile, pulp and paper and animal feed

Humphreys, David - The Remaking of the Mining Industry, ebook

The Remaking of the Mining Industry

Humphreys, David


Table of contents
1. Introduction
David Humphreys
2. The Barren Years
David Humphreys
3. China Changes Everything
David Humphreys
4. Feeding the Dragon
David Humphreys
5. Prices Take Wing
David Humphreys
6. An Industry Transformed
David Humphreys
7. Enter the Emergers

May, Oliver - Industrial Enzyme Applications, ebook

Industrial Enzyme Applications

May, Oliver


This reference is a "must-read": It explains how an effective and economically viable enzymatic process in industry is developed and presents numerous successful examples which underline the efficiency of biocatalysis.