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Narasimhan, Balaji - Sleight Of Fate, ebook

Sleight Of Fate

Narasimhan, Balaji


Ok, so you have won a few Sherlock Holmes quiz prizes, but what if your life depended on your knowledge of the Sherlock Holmes stories? That's the shocking fate facing a woman who is tied to a chair - if she can't answer, she dies. As the questions get increasingly more difficult, the reader

Gamble, Andrew - Politics and Fate, ebook

Politics and Fate

Gamble, Andrew


Politics was once regarded as an activity which could give human societies control over their fate. However, there is now a deep pessimism about the ability of human beings to control anything very much, least of all through politics. This new fatalism about the human condition claims that

Nicholls, Peter - George Oppen and the Fate of Modernism, ebook

George Oppen and the Fate of Modernism

Nicholls, Peter


This study of 20th-century American poet George Oppen promises to become a key resource for those interested not only in Oppen himself, but in the history of literary modernism. Drawing extensively on largely unpublished papers and presenting material…

Brynn, Thomas - Lady Fareton's Fate, ebook

Lady Fareton's Fate

Brynn, Thomas


Lord Fareton has died and his family suspect his young wife to be responsible for his death. They therefore set out to capture her in an attempt to get the real truth. This they do but only after many adventures and both sexual and painful! Eventually…

Roth, Chaya H. - The Fate of Holocaust Memories, ebook

The Fate of Holocaust Memories

Roth, Chaya H.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Chaya H. Roth
Part I. Hannah and Her Family
2. Hannah’s Memoir
Chaya H. Roth
3. Hannah’s Family
Chaya H. Roth
4. Hannah and Her Children, 1940–1942
Chaya H. Roth
5. The Italian…