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Roose, Jochen - Fans, ebook


Roose, Jochen


Fans als Gegenstand soziologischer Forschung
Jochen Roose, Mike S. Schäfer, Thomas Schmidt-Lux
2. Fans in theoretischer Perspektive
Jochen Roose, Mike S. Schäfer, Thomas Schmidt-Lux
3. Geschichte der Fans
Thomas Schmidt-Lux
4. Fans und Sozialstruktur

Tcherviakov, Alexander F. - Fans, ebook


Tcherviakov, Alexander F.


The imaginative shapes and expensive materials of fans are usually decorated with peculiar images of social events, icons, and music notes. Through its practical format, this book is an ideal gift for any lover of fashion and cultural objects.

Smith, Aaron C.T. - Brand Fans, ebook

Brand Fans

Smith, Aaron C.T.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Crowdsourcing Brand Equity
Aaron C. T. Smith, Constantino Stavros, Kate Westberg
2. Pitch Partners: Customers as Players and Collaborators
Aaron C. T. Smith, Constantino Stavros, Kate Westberg
3. Unlimited…

Linden, Henrik - Fans and Fan Cultures, ebook

Fans and Fan Cultures

Linden, Henrik


Football Fans: Representations, Motivations and Place
Henrik Linden, Sara Linden
8. Popular Culture Fandom: Broadening the Picture
Henrik Linden, Sara Linden
9. Social Media: Millennials, Brand Fans and the Branding

Schmidt-Lux, Thomas - Die Geschichte der Fans, ebook

Die Geschichte der Fans

Schmidt-Lux, Thomas


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Thomas Schmidt-Lux
2. Fans – Geschichte und Bedeutungsdimensionen eines Begriffs
Thomas Schmidt-Lux
3. Wagenrennen, Werther, WorldWideWeb. Vom antiken zum modernen Fantum
Thomas Schmidt-Lux
4. Fangeschichte als Gesellschaftsgeschichte. Drei Thesen
Thomas Schmidt-Lux

Pfister, Gertrud - Female Football Players and Fans, ebook

Female Football Players and Fans

Pfister, Gertrud


‘Who Could Name an England Women’s Footballer?’: Female Fans of Men’s Football and Their Views of Women’s Football in England
Stacey Pope
Part II. Female Football Fans and their Experiences
8. A Socio-Historical