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Andersen, Hans Christian - The True Story of My Life, ebook

The True Story of My Life

Andersen, Hans Christian


The translated autobiography of one of the greatest children's writers that has ever lived: Hans Christian Andersen. Anderson is most famous for his versions of classic fairytales, such as The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling, Thumbelina and The Snow Queen.

Hartland, Edwin Sidney - The Science of Fairy Tales, ebook

The Science of Fairy Tales

Hartland, Edwin Sidney


A fascinating look at the mythology of fairytales by famed folklorist Edwin Sidney Hartland, who takes the approach of assembling and studying persistent and widespread folklore in an attempt to provide a scientific insight into belief systems.

Lang, Andrew - The Violet Fairy Book, ebook

The Violet Fairy Book

Lang, Andrew


Thirty-five traditional fairytales collated by famed anthropologist Andrew Lang, as one of his series of "Coloured" Fairy Books. Contains many forgotten classics like Schippeitaro, The Child Who Came From an Egg and How a Fish Swam in the Air.