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Kapur, Kailash C. - Reliability Engineering, ebook

Reliability Engineering

Kapur, Kailash C.

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Other topics covered include: Reliability engineering in the 21st Century Probability life distributions for reliability analysis Process control and process capability Failure modes, mechanisms, and effects analysis Health monitoring and prognostics Reliability tests

Scheirs, John - A Guide to Polymeric Geomembranes: A Practical Approach, ebook

A Guide to Polymeric Geomembranes: A Practical Approach

Scheirs, John


A Guide to Polymeric Geomembranes: A Practical Approach offers an informed overview of the developments in this field and includes: Detailed discussion of the major geomembrane types Manufacturing methods Key performance properties Industrial applications Testing and chemical resistance

Miller, Daniel - Tales from Facebook, ebook

Tales from Facebook

Miller, Daniel


Yet until now there has been no major study of the impact of these social networking sites upon the lives of their users. This book demonstrates that it can be profound. The tales in this book reveal how Facebook can become the means by which people find and cultivate

Gramazio, Fabio - Made by Robots: Challenging Architecture at a Larger Scale, ebook

Made by Robots: Challenging Architecture at a Larger Scale

Gramazio, Fabio


Although highly ambitious and sophisticated, most attempts at using robotic processes in architecture remain the exception; little more than prototypes or even failures at a larger scale. This is because the general approach is either to automate existing manual processes or the complete

Fukuoka, Hiroshi - Progress in Landslide Science, ebook

Progress in Landslide Science

Fukuoka, Hiroshi


Undrained Stress-controlled Dynamic-loading Ring-shear Test to Simulate Initiation and Post-failure Motion of Landslides
Kyoji Sassa, Hiroshi Fukuoka, Gonghui Wang, Fawu Wang
7. Shear Behavior and Shear Zone Structure of Granular Materials in Naturally Drained

McLellan, Benjamin - Sustainable Future for Human Security, ebook

Sustainable Future for Human Security

McLellan, Benjamin


Revegetation Prospects on Ex-illegal Gold Mining Sites Using Secondary Forest Seedling Materials
Wiwik Ekyastuti, Emi Roslinda
2. Hydrological Processes in Different Types of Teak (Tectona grandis L.) Plantation
Hatma Suryatmojo, M. Ali Imron
3. Sustainability

Ebashi, Setsuro - Regulatory Mechanisms of Striated Muscle Contraction, ebook

Regulatory Mechanisms of Striated Muscle Contraction

Ebashi, Setsuro


Structural Basis for Calcium-Regulated Relaxation of Striated Muscles at Interaction Sites of Troponin with Actin and Tropomyosin
Kenji Murakami, Fumiaki Yumoto, Shin-ya Ohki, Takuo Yasunaga, Masaru Tanokura, Takeyuki Wakabayashi
9. Tropomyosin: Regulator of