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Zhu, Yang-Ming - Failure-Modes-Based Software Reading, ebook

Failure-Modes-Based Software Reading

Zhu, Yang-Ming


Software Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
Yang-Ming Zhu
3. Software Review and Software Reading
Yang-Ming Zhu
4. Failure-Modes-Based Software Reading
Yang-Ming Zhu
5. Failure-Modes-Based Requirements Reading
Yang-Ming Zhu
6. Failure-Modes-Based

Raman, Jai - Management of  Heart Failure, Volume 2: Surgical, ebook

Management of Heart Failure, Volume 2: Surgical

Raman, Jai


Advanced Heart Failure: Transplant vs Nontransplant Surgical Options
Stephen Westaby, Gabriele Bertoni
5. Transplantation for End-Stage Heart Disease
David C. McGiffin, James K. Kirklin
6. OPCAB Treatment for Heart Failure
Mercedes Dullum, Jai

Kapur, Kailash C. - Reliability Engineering, ebook

Reliability Engineering

Kapur, Kailash C.

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Other topics covered include: Reliability engineering in the 21st Century Probability life distributions for reliability analysis Process control and process capability Failure modes, mechanisms, and effects analysis Health monitoring

Todinov, Michael - Methods for Reliability Improvement and Risk Reduction, ebook

Methods for Reliability Improvement and Risk Reduction

Todinov, Michael


It reviews existing methods for risk reduction that can be classified as domain-independent and introduces the following new domain-independent reliability improvement and risk reduction methods: Separation Stochastic separation Introducing deliberate weaknesses Segmentation Self-reinforcement Inversion