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Hess, Alan - Exposure Digital Field Guide, ebook

Exposure Digital Field Guide

Hess, Alan


Secrets of exposure revealed, with a bonus color checker card included
Exposure is the number one topic that digital photographers want to know about. This full-color book fits in your camera bag and provides all the information you need on this very important aspect of digital photography.

Dombrowski, Stefan C. - Prenatal Exposures, ebook

Prenatal Exposures

Dombrowski, Stefan C.


Table of contents
1. Themes and Purpose
2. Prenatal Central Nervous System Development
2.Perinatal Mediators and Markers of Disturbances of Fetal Development: Introduction
3. Low Birth Weight and Prematurity: Effects on Child Development Outcomes
4. Pre- and Perinatal Anoxia and Hypoxia

Sassower, Raphael - Digital Exposure: Postmodern Postcapitalism, ebook

Digital Exposure: Postmodern Postcapitalism

Sassower, Raphael


Table of contents
1. The Digital Evolution in Postmodernity
Raphael Sassower
2. Postcapitalism: Materialism, Decentralization, and Globalization
Raphael Sassower
3. Political Economy: Freedom, Surveillance, and Entrepreneurship

UNKNOWN - Dow's Chemical Exposure Index Guide, ebook

Dow's Chemical Exposure Index Guide



Dow Chemical developed the Chemical Exposure Index to help its engineers design and operate safer facilities. This seminal guide to rating the relative acute health hazard potential of a chemical release to workers and the neighboring community is available to the chemical process community.

Barr, Rachel - Media Exposure During Infancy and Early Childhood, ebook

Media Exposure During Infancy and Early Childhood

Barr, Rachel


Table of contents
1. The “New” Technology Environment: The Role of Content and Context on Learning and Development from Mobile Media
Alexis R. Lauricella, Courtney K. Blackwell, Ellen Wartella
2. Who’s By Their Side? Questions of Context…