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Homburg, Axel - Explosives, ebook


Homburg, Axel


The unrivaled, definitive reference for almost 40 years, this classic work on explosives is now in its seventh, completely revised and updated edition.
Some 500 monographic entries, arranged alphabetically, consider the physicochemical properties, production methods, and safe applications

Cooper, Paul W. - Explosives Engineering, ebook

Explosives Engineering

Cooper, Paul W.


This graduate text, and Cooper's companion introductory text ('Introduction to the Technology of Explosives'), serve the same markets as the successful explosives reference by Meyer, now in its 4th edition. VCH also published the International Journal

Homburg, Axel - Explosives, ebook


Homburg, Axel


This wealth of information and an index that comprises some 1500 keywords and several conversion tables make this a unique source of knowledge for anybody working with explosives.' (Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics)

Agrawal, Jai Prakash - Organic Chemistry of Explosives, ebook

Organic Chemistry of Explosives

Agrawal, Jai Prakash


Organic Chemistry of Explosives is the first text to bring together the essential methods and routes used for the synthesis of organic explosives in a single volume.
Assuming no prior knowledge, the book discusses everything from the simplest

Brinck, Tore - Green Energetic Materials, ebook

Green Energetic Materials

Brinck, Tore


Green Energetic Materials provides a detailed account of the most recent research and developments in the field, including green pyrotechnics, explosives and propellants. From theoretical modelling and design of new materials, to the development of sustainable manufacturing