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Quirke, Stephen - Exploring Religion in Ancient Egypt, ebook

Exploring Religion in Ancient Egypt

Quirke, Stephen


Exploring Religion in Ancient Egypt offers a stimulating overview of the study of ancient Egyptian religion by examining research drawn from beyond the customary boundaries of Egyptology and shedding new light on entrenched assumptions. Discusses the evolution of religion in ancient Egypt

Cravens, Thomas E. - Exploring Venus as a Terrestrial Planet, ebook

Exploring Venus as a Terrestrial Planet

Cravens, Thomas E.

From 85,60€

Incorporating results from the recent European Venus Express mission, Exploring Venus as a Terrestrial Planet examines the open questions and relates them to Earth and other terrestrial planets. The goal is to stimulate thinking about those broader issues as the new

Basch, Harry - Frommer's Exploring America by RV, ebook

Frommer's Exploring America by RV

Basch, Harry


In this guide, renowned? travel writing team?Harry Basch and Shirley Slater offers updates on?their favorite RV trips around the U.S., including scenic routes along Virginia's Skyline Drive and the New England coast, plus jaunts through the Heart of the…

Kamat, Rajanish K. - Exploring C for Microcontrollers, ebook

Exploring C for Microcontrollers

Kamat, Rajanish K.


Table of contents
1. Microcontrollers: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
2. Integrated Development Environment
3. Art of C Programming for Microcontrollers
4. Exploring the Capabilities of On-Chip Resources Programming for I/O Ports, Interrupts and Timer/Counter
5. Hyperterminal-Based Control
6. Embedding Microcontroller