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Cook, Daniel Thomas - Lived Experiences of Public Consumption, ebook

Lived Experiences of Public Consumption

Cook, Daniel Thomas


‘The Flow of Words and the Flow of Value’: Illegal Behavior, Social Identity and Marketplace Experiences in Turin, Italy
Giovanni Semi
Part IV. Global Patrons, Globalizing Markets
9. Beyond Borders: The Politics and Place of the Global Shop

Cranefield, Stephen - Ontologies for Agents: Theory and Experiences, ebook

Ontologies for Agents: Theory and Experiences

Cranefield, Stephen


Some Experiences with the Use of Ontologies in Deliberative Agents
Ian Dickinson, Michael Wooldridge
13. Location-Mediated Agent Coordination in Ubiquitous Computing
Akio Sashima, Noriaki Izumi, Koichi Kurumatani
14. An Ontology for Agent-Based Monitoring