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Lash, Scott - Experience: New Foundations for the Human Sciences, ebook

Experience: New Foundations for the Human Sciences

Lash, Scott


This book is a radical plea for the centrality of experience in the social and human sciences. Lash argues that a large part of the output of the social sciences today is still shaped by assumptions stemming from positivism, in contrast to the tradition of interpretative social enquiry pioneered

Yip, Jeffrey - Return on Experience, ebook

Return on Experience

Yip, Jeffrey

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Leadership is best learned from experience, but learning from experience is not always automatic. This guidebook introduces you to a return-on-experience framework. Using this ROE framework, you actively seek to

Hawley, Katherine - The Admissible Contents of Experience, ebook

The Admissible Contents of Experience

Hawley, Katherine


Which objects and properties are represented in perceptual experience, and how are we able to determine this? The papers in this collection address these questions together with other fundamental questions about the nature of perceptual content. The book draws together papers by leading

Hoceini, Said - Quality-of-Experience for Multimedia, ebook

Quality-of-Experience for Multimedia

Hoceini, Said


This is referred to as the notion of Quality of Experience (QoE) and is becoming commonly used to represent user perception. The QoE is not a technical metric, but rather a concept consisting of all elements of a user's perception of the network services. The authors