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The Beat Poet Experience

The Beat Poet Experience

Experience, Beat Poet


"The Beat Poet Experience" is formed around the poetry and dynamism of performance artist David O'Kelly, paying more than a passing nod to the Beat Poets of the 60's. It embraces warmly all that we love and hate about ourselves with a wry twist of phrase and some of the hottest jazz licks

Lash, Scott - Experience: New Foundations for the Human Sciences, ebook

Experience: New Foundations for the Human Sciences

Lash, Scott


This book is a radical plea for the centrality of experience in the social and human sciences. Lash argues that a large part of the output of the social sciences today is still shaped by assumptions stemming from positivism, in contrast to the tradition of interpretative social enquiry pioneered

Alhanen, Kai - John Dewey's Ecology of Experience, ebook

John Dewey's Ecology of Experience

Alhanen, Kai


Most notably, he created a new philosophy of experience that enables us to rethink our place within nature. The main innovation of Dewey’s thinking was his new way of understanding the experience of all living beings. Influenced

Hawley, Katherine - The Admissible Contents of Experience, ebook

The Admissible Contents of Experience

Hawley, Katherine


Which objects and properties are represented in perceptual experience, and how are we able to determine this? The papers in this collection address these questions together with other fundamental questions about the nature of perceptual content. The book draws together papers by leading