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Mason, John W. - Exoplanets, ebook


Mason, John W.


Close-Orbiting Exoplanets: Formation, Migration Mechanisms and Properties
Hugh R. A. Jones, James S. Jenkins, John R. Barnes
7. Dynamics of Multiple Planet Systems
Rory Barnes
8. Searching for Exoplanets in the

Kitchin, Chris - Exoplanets, ebook


Kitchin, Chris


Because We Live on One! – or – Why Planets and Exoplanets Are Important
Chris Kitchin
2. A Quick Tour of the Exoplanet Menagerie
Chris Kitchin
3. An Exoplanet Retrospective
Chris Kitchin
4. In the Beginning – The First Exoplanet Discoveries

Bozza, Valerio - Methods of Detecting Exoplanets, ebook

Methods of Detecting Exoplanets

Bozza, Valerio


Table of contents
Part I. The Radial Velocity Method
1. The Radial Velocity Method for the Detection of Exoplanets
Artie P. Hatzes
Part II. The Transit Method
2. Extrasolar Planetary Transits
Andrew Collier Cameron
Part III. The…

Kwok, Sun - Organic Matter in the Universe, ebook

Organic Matter in the Universe

Kwok, Sun

From 111,85€

Authored by an experienced writer and a well-known researcher of stellar evolution, interstellar matter and spectroscopy, this unique treatise on the formation and observation of organic compounds in space includes a spectroscopy refresher, as well as…

Planet, Lonely - The Universe, ebook

The Universe

Planet, Lonely


Unique to these pages are wonderful comparisons of Earth with the other worlds of our solar system and even those exoplanets orbiting other stars.
You’ll discover as much as we know about our celestial neighbourhood, and our place in it. In addition to planets

Jones, Barrie W. - The Search for Life Continued, ebook

The Search for Life Continued

Jones, Barrie W.


Searching for exoplanets by obtaining images
9. Searching for exoplanets by stellar photometry
10. Searching for exoplanets by detecting the motion of their stars
11. The known exoplanetary

Linde, Peter - The Hunt for Alien Life, ebook

The Hunt for Alien Life

Linde, Peter


Table of contents
1. A Cosmic Perspective
Peter Linde
2. How Is a Planetary System Formed?
Peter Linde
3. The Development of Life on Earth
Peter Linde
4. Alien Life at Close Range?
Peter Linde
5. Exoplanets—From Speculation to Reality
Peter Linde
6. A Menagerie of Planets