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Sousa, Daniel - Existential Psychotherapy, ebook

Existential Psychotherapy

Sousa, Daniel


Table of contents
1. Scientific Research into Psychotherapy
Daniel Sousa
2. Static and Genetic Phenomenology
Daniel Sousa
3. Existential Psychotherapy: The Genetic-Phenomenological Approach
Daniel Sousa
4. Practical Applications and Clinical Case
Daniel Sousa

Batthyány, Alexander - Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, ebook

Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

Batthyány, Alexander


Workload, Existential Fulfillment, and Work Engagement Among City Council Members
Marinka Tomic
20. Meaning and Trauma. From Psychosocial Recovery to Existential Affirmation. A Note on V. Frankl’s Contribution to the

Dion, Michel - Financial Crimes and Existential Philosophy, ebook

Financial Crimes and Existential Philosophy

Dion, Michel


Table of contents
1. Existential/Existentiell Philosophy
Michel Dion
2. Nietzsche and Informal Value Transfer Systems (IVTS)
Michel Dion
3. Kierkegaard and the Aesthetic/Ethical Life-View: The Issue of Money Laundering
Michel Dion
4. Jaspers and Buber About Communication: The Issue of Bribery