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D'Août, Kristiaan - Primate Locomotion, ebook

Primate Locomotion

D'Août, Kristiaan


Primate Locomotion: Toward a Synergy of Laboratory and Field Research
Evie Estelle Vereecke, Kristiaan D’Août
2. Translating Primate Locomotor Biomechanical Variables from the Laboratory to the Field
Daniel Schmitt
3. Studying Captive Ape Locomotion:

Barelli, Claudia - Evolution of Gibbons and Siamang, ebook

Evolution of Gibbons and Siamang

Barelli, Claudia


The Evolution of Gibbons and Siamang
Ulrich H. Reichard, Claudia Barelli, Hirohisa Hirai, Matthew G. Nowak
2. The Role of Historical and Fossil Records in Predicting Changes in the Spatial Distribution of Hylobatids
Helen J. Chatterjee
3. Locomotion

Kivell, Tracy L. - The Evolution of the Primate Hand, ebook

The Evolution of the Primate Hand

Kivell, Tracy L.


The Role of Genes and Development in the Evolution of the Primate Hand
Campbell Rolian
6. Organization and Evolution of the Neural Control of the Hand in Primates: Motor Systems, Sensory Feedback, and Laterality

Lambert, Olivier - Cetacean Paleobiology, ebook

Cetacean Paleobiology

Lambert, Olivier


Along with new insights from genetics and developmental studies, these discoveries have helped to clarify the place of cetaceans among mammals, and enriched our understanding of their unique adaptations for feeding, locomotion and sensory systems. Their continuously

Hovers, Erella - Human Paleontology and Prehistory, ebook

Human Paleontology and Prehistory

Hovers, Erella


Wallace’s Controversy with Darwin on Man’s Mental Evolution, on the Position of the Natives in Human Evolution, and His Anticipation of Cultural Evolution, as Distinct from Biological Evolution

Rechtman, Max - CliffsStudySolver Biology, ebook

CliffsStudySolver Biology

Rechtman, Max


You'll then dive into topics such as Plant biology: Structure and function of plants, leaves, stems, roots; photosynthesis Human biology: Nutrition and digestion, circulation, respiration, excretion, locomotion, regulation Animal biology: Animal-like protists; phyla

Nentwig, Wolfgang - Spider Ecophysiology, ebook

Spider Ecophysiology

Nentwig, Wolfgang


Locomotion and Dispersal
4. Hydraulic System of Locomotion
Christian Kropf
5. Functional Aspects of Spider Scopulae
Senta Niederegger
6. Cost–Benefit Balance of Dispersal and the Evolution of Conditional Dispersal