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Barr, Tracy L. - Evolution für Dummies, ebook

Evolution für Dummies

Barr, Tracy L.


Von Darwin bis DNA – Ihr Wegweiser durch die Evolution
Von Ihrem Körperbau bis zu Ihrem Verhalten bei der Partnerwahl – all Ihre vererbbaren Eigenschaften sind
wie bei allen Lebewesen durch die Evolution bestimmt. Aber was ist Evolution

Grime, J. Philip - The Evolutionary Strategies that Shape Ecosystems, ebook

The Evolutionary Strategies that Shape Ecosystems

Grime, J. Philip


The inescapable resulting predicament during the evolution of every species is that, according to habitat, each must adopt a predictable compromise with regard to how they use the resources at their disposal in order to survive. The compromise involves the investment

Ridley, Mark - Evolution, ebook


Ridley, Mark


Mark Ridley's Evolution has become the premier undergraduate text in the study of evolution. Readable and stimulating, yet well-balanced and in-depth, this text tells the story of evolution, from the history of the

Arthur, Wallace - Evolution: A Developmental Approach, ebook

Evolution: A Developmental Approach

Arthur, Wallace


This book is aimed at students taking courses on evolution in universities and colleges. Its approach and its structure are very different from previously-published evolution texts. The core theme in this book is how evolution

Boyd, Robert - The Origin and Evolution of Cultures, ebook

The Origin and Evolution of Cultures

Boyd, Robert


Oxford presents, in one convenient and coherently organized volume, 20 influential but until now relatively inaccessible articles that form the backbone of Boyd and Richerson's path-breaking work on evolution and culture. Their interdisciplinary research is based on two notions. First, that

Boughner, Julie - Developmental Approaches to Human Evolution, ebook

Developmental Approaches to Human Evolution

Boughner, Julie


Developmental Approaches to Human Evolution encapsulates the current state of evolutionary developmental anthropology. This emerging scientific field applies tools and approaches from modern developmental biology to understand the role of genetic and developmental processes in driving morphological

Foley, Robert Andrew - Principles of Human Evolution, ebook

Principles of Human Evolution

Foley, Robert Andrew


Principles of Human Evolution presents an in-depth introduction to paleoanthropology and the study of human evolution. Focusing on the fundamentals of evolutionary theory and how these apply to ecological, molecular genetic, paleontological and archeological