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Terzis, Georgios  - European Media Governance: The Brussels Dimension, ebook

European Media Governance: The Brussels Dimension

Terzis, Georgios


Terzis analyzes how European governments slowly but steadily concede media control to international organisations such as the EU and pan European civil society associations, and delves into the media lobby efforts in Brussels. This fascinating volume investigates

Wandhöfer, Ruth - EU Payments Integration, ebook

EU Payments Integration

Wandhöfer, Ruth


Table of contents
1. The Opening Act: The Beginning of the End … or Just the End of the Beginning?
Ruth Wandhöfer
2. EU Financial Regulation Explained: ‘The Powers and the Pitfalls’
Ruth Wandhöfer
3. SEPA: ‘A New Hope’
Ruth Wandhöfer
4. PSD — A Parallel Universe to SEPA: The Odyssey

Douady, Raphaël - Financial Regulation in the EU, ebook

Financial Regulation in the EU

Douady, Raphaël


Political Economy of the European Monetary Institutions and Reform Proposals
Jose-Maria Martin-Flores
3. Fiscal Sustainability and Fiscal Rules in a Monetary Union: Theory and Practice in Europe
Pierre Aldama
4. The Composition Effect of New Fiscal

Thomas, Daniel C. - Making EU Foreign Policy, ebook

Making EU Foreign Policy

Thomas, Daniel C.


Explaining EU Foreign Policy: Normative Institutionalism and Alternative Approaches
Daniel C. Thomas
3. EU Policy on Ukraine During and Since the Orange Revolution: ‘A door neither closed nor open’
Richard Youngs
4. EU Policy on the International

Hartmann, Eva - The Evolution of Intermediary Institutions in Europe, ebook

The Evolution of Intermediary Institutions in Europe

Hartmann, Eva


Intermediary Institutions in the Transformation of Economic Policy
5. Collective Action and the Making of Economic Policy: Intellectual Lineages from the History of Political Economy
Alexander Ebner
6. EU Competition Regulation: A Case of Authoritarian Neo-liberalism?

Gretschmann, Klaus - Revolutionising EU Innovation Policy, ebook

Revolutionising EU Innovation Policy

Gretschmann, Klaus


Toward True Regulatory Reform: How to Make EU Governance Innovation Fit
Christoph J. Bausch
10. Developing Top Academic Institutions to Support Innovation
Jean-Claude Thoenig
11. Cultural Diversity and Political

Best, Edward - Understanding EU Decision-Making, ebook

Understanding EU Decision-Making

Best, Edward


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Edward Best
2. EU Decision-Making: An Overview of the System
Edward Best
3. Why Do We Have the EU Institutions?
Edward Best
4. Legislative Procedures
Edward Best
5. Delegated and Implementing Acts
Edward Best
6. Making the Internal Market Work: The