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Urselmann, Michael - Fundraising, ebook


Urselmann, Michael


Table of contents
1. Definition des Begriffs „Fundraising“
Michael Urselmann
2. Fundraising bei Privatpersonen
Michael Urselmann
3. Fundraising bei Unternehmen
Michael Urselmann
4. Fundraising bei Stiftungen
Michael Urselmann
5. Fundraising bei öffentlichen Ressourcenbereitstellern

Sargeant, Adrian - Fundraising Principles and Practice, ebook

Fundraising Principles and Practice

Sargeant, Adrian


From leading fundraising professor Sargeant with contributions from top scholars, this definitive text provides nonprofit professionals, professors, and students with access to the most relevant theories on the vital topic of fundraising. In addition

Clay, Christopher J. - Towards Understanding Community, ebook

Towards Understanding Community

Clay, Christopher J.


‘For All the Women Out There’: Community and the Ethics of Care in the Marketing of a Breast Cancer Fundraising Event
Julia D’Aloisio
7. Contingent Communities: British Social Policy and the Invention of Refugee Communities
Lynnette Kelly