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Schuff, David - Decision Support, ebook

Decision Support

Schuff, David


Reflections on the Past and Future of Decision Support Systems: Perspective of Eleven Pioneers
Daniel J. Power, Frada Burstein, Ramesh Sharda
3. The Intellectual Structure of Decision Support Systems Research (1991–2004)

Fischmann, Tamara - Ethical Dilemmas in Prenatal Diagnosis, ebook

Ethical Dilemmas in Prenatal Diagnosis

Fischmann, Tamara


Distress and Ethical Dilemmas Due to Prenatal and Genetic Diagnostics – Some Empirical Results
Tamara Fischmann
4. Reconstruction of Pregnant Women’s Subjective Attitudes Towards Prenatal Diagnostics – A Qualitative Analysis of Open Questions

Lechem, Brian - Chairman of the Board: A Practical Guide, ebook

Chairman of the Board: A Practical Guide

Lechem, Brian


Chairman of the Board provides practical guidance on this critical role, offering advice on matters such as how to work with the CEO, ethical considerations, corporate social responsibility, and performance evaluation of boards and board members. Seasoned executive